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Before you order your service...
Is the service available in my area?
You can check service availability on the map, or you can contact us at 211 151 211.
What do I need for a WIA AirMAX installation?
You need an antenna for the correct function of the WIA AirMAX service. You can order one after checking availability directly on our website. Equipment specifications and prices are available here >>
Who can install the service?
Our technician or WIA partner will install your service. Or you can also install the antenna on your own.
What does installation involve?
If our technician installs the service, he will visit you and set up the antenna at a suitable location with the best signal. The antenna will be attached to the antenna holder and a cable will be run from the antenna to the power adapter. Another cable connects the power adapter directly to your computer.
If you already use the WIA AirMAX service...
What can I do if I forget my password for
Please contact WIA customer care line 211 151 211. Customer care will send you new password via SMS message on your phone number which you provided in registration.
How can I get Internet for free?
Just prepay the WIA AirMAX or WIA AirMAX Lite tariff for one year and get one month Internet for free.
Co ovlivňuje rychlost internetu?
Rychlost služby WIA AirMAX může být až 50 Mbit/s. Udávaná kapacita je hodnota, které bezdrátová technologie dosahuje většinu provozního času v optimálních podmínkách. V praxi může být rychlost nižší, a to v případě méně příznivých povětrnostních podmínek nebo rušení.
How to proceed in the case connection quality deteriorates.
When using WIA hotspot services, disruptions in connection quality can occur for various reasons. It is necessary to collect the required data, as this will help our technician considerably in identifying the problem. The data can be obtained by using the testing program free testing program download.
What about WIA TV?
What does time-shift mean ?
You can watch programs that were broadcast within the last 50 hours. Time-shift is available for the selected channels.
On which devices can I watch WIA TV?
You can use the service on a tablet, mobile phone, PC or television. For one AirMAX account, you can watch simultaneously on one mobile device (PC, mobile phone, tablet), on a television (set-top box) and on SmartTV (sledovaniTV).
Have you purchased a set-top box? Read how to proceed with your first login.
Do you have an Android set-top box for watching WIA TV sledovanitv?
Connect your device to your TV according to the enclosed instructions and contact our customer service line at 225 372 055 to obtain the code for connecting to your account.
What about calling?
When does my SIPY bonus credit expire?
The free SIPY credit expires at the same time as your Internet connection. If you prepay for one month, your credit expires after one month.
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